Monday, December 9, 2013

2013 Holiday Season

Baby Gap Set, Castle Rattle Set, Adorable Bunny from Etsy Site Oh, Albatross, Cutest Coat from Etsy Shop Baby Girl Dress, and who doesn't love Giraffes this Giraffe Ride-On is the cutest!

An absolutely adorable Crown headband, The Day the Crayons Quit book, DIY Craft Supplies set by Creature Comforts, Princess Sofia the First, and my two favorite ladies LOVE anything that sparkles so this striped heart tee is perfect.

Despicable Me Remote Control Car, UK Rocks Graphic Tee, Fair Isle Sweater, Digital Piggy, Sushi Play set

Well this has been so fun for me and I could probably go on forever. Maybe next year I'll get more specific like Gifts for the Baker/Chef, Gifts for the Tech Lover, etc... but for now this definitely was a huge help for me and a way to get my Christmas list checked off. I hope it helped you as much as it did me!

So for one of the last two lists I'm posting (next week is Gifts for the Stockings) here are the gift ideas for the kids in my life. They actually are one of the most fun groups I have to shop for. I love to think about their personalities and what they might love... so here we go. Instead of set up by price it's set up by who it's for such as baby, boy, girl... We also all know the "it" toys and gifts that Santa is certainly sure to bring, so these are the gifts that are a little different from that. Hope you enjoy.

And for more ideas check out my Pinterst Board Here!

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