Monday, September 29, 2014

Man Crates: Stranded on a Deserted Island

Have you heard about Man Crates Gifts for Men? I've pinned a bunch of their crates.... like this one and this one and this one... on my Pinterest Boards; Gifts for my Geeky Brother and Gifts for Him and I just think they make really awesome, and unique, man friendly gifts. This amazing company's mission is to end the difficulties that have long been associated with buying gifts for men. And I have to say with so many great options for guys with any interest and taste, they are definitely accomplishing that mission... just check it out... trust me ;-)

So this brings me to what I would include in my own "essential crate" or survival kit if I'm stranded on a deserted island. Since my priorities might be skewed at the moment with how much I've been working I have to say this crate they already have would be awesome. Their Coffee Ammo Can is right up my alley... but I think that might be the lack of sleep talking.

So in addition to that Coffee Ammo Can I think I'd like to make the most of being stranded, and I'm making the assumption I'm stranded on a tropical island and not one in the Arctic, and have these things with me as well:

1. A wide brim hat - I love the sun but don't want wrinkles
2. A beach towel - would serve for laying out during the day as well as a blanket at night, so VERY practical I think ;-)
3. My (fully charged) iPad mini - I have the cellular service one so in theory I would still have Internet which means all the iBooks I want... Plus I could have someone use the find my iPad app and come rescue me... So yeah that's a plus
4. A sketchbook and pencil case filled with pens and pencils - being an illustrator I always have a these on me so, for me, this is definitely a necessity.
5. An unlimited supply of cold drinks - maybe water... maybe margaritas... either will do

What would you include in your essential survival kit?!

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