Friday, April 29, 2011

Name the Characters Challenge

Hey everyone!

As I first mentioned here, I have been working with my friend Val, creating drawings and text of a girl and her french bulldog. In order for us to move forward with our ideas, we need to give them names. I'd love your help, ideas, and thoughts on what those names should be!

For the girl do you like Cheri, Ellese, Mimi, or something else?.  For the pup Louis, Jacques, Piere, or another idea?

What do you think is the best name?

Illustrations by Michelle B. 
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  1. Still love Louis for the puppy, for the girl, here are some of my favorite french names.... Coco, Jacqueline (Jacky), Brigitte, Gigi,Lulu,Lisette....

  2. I actually like the name Coco for the dog - it would be like the girl's nod to a true fashion icon!
    Still working on a name for the girl!

  3. I really like the idea of Coco for the dog's name too! I just need to figure out a girl's name that sounds good with Coco. Names that "fit" together.

  4. I thought it was a boy dog?

  5. He is supposed to be a boy dog, but the name Coco is great! I'm really having a hard time naming them, there are so many great french names.