Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Currently Reading: Sugar and Spice

Back on July 27 I (shamefully) told you about L.A. Candy. Well I read the book in three days ( I can't believe I'm actually admitting this... on the internet!!) But I seriously enjoyed the book. Lauren Conrad wrote two additional books in the same series, The second was Sweet Little Lies, which also took me three days to read, and now I'm currently Reading the third, Sugar and Spice. And so, my super girlie reading streak continues...

Sugar and Spice, by Lauren Conrad, continues following Jane and Heidi and their drama in Los Angeles, and the biggest question that faces them, will they continue to stay in L.A. and on the show, or is their desire to have some type of a normal life and privacy again to strong and they will leave? Only a few more days reading will tell... Great light reads!

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