Friday, September 30, 2011

Fashion Friday: Style Crush Emma Stone

I've been thinking a lot about my Fashion Friday posts and what draws me toward style and looks. A lot of the time it's from celebrities, my current "style crushes". What they are wearing on the red carpet, what they wear day-to-day, etc. And most of the time it's on a select few, people who just seem to always look great and who have a similar style to what I myself am comfortable wearing... or WISH was comfortable wearing.

One celebrity that I just can't get enough of is Emma Stone. I think she is a great actress, gorgeous, and has great style. She's laid back and glamorous at the same time. She can cross the line from elegant to edgy and still look great no matter what she wears. Here are some of my favorite looks of hers.

What do you think? Who is your current style crush?

All photos are from Look of the Day


  1. Classic beauty!! Love her ability to wear the dress, rather than the dress wear her.

  2. Gorgeous looks ! :) I don't have a style crush at the moment, but there has been celebrities like Sienna Miller. ^^

  3. ohhhhh i want ALL of these outfits!!! especially numero dos!