Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Picture A Day

Unfortunately these are not my cookies. These were found on Pinterest
This post isn't exactly "A Picture" but it is a few photos I took of my cookie making skills (which I just need to warn you were lacking a little bit this year.)

I'm hosting a cookie swap tonight, it's the second annual one, but with how crazy the last two weeks have been I left making the cookies to the last minute. (Mistake number one) And because I can't just be boring and make my old favorites I thought it would be a terrific idea to try a new recipe. (Mistake number two)

So here is how last night went:

I wanted to make two kinds of cookies, one a Magic middle peanut butter and chocolate cookie and the other a chocolate cookie with salted caramel. So I start with the peanut butter and chocolate cookies and this is what the finished dough looked like.

I know what you are thinking, that just looks like a bunch of dry ingredients, well it wasn't there was egg and vanilla and peanut butter in there and still the dough would not come together. 
And this is what peanut butter filling looked like.
definitely not the right consistency to form into little balls either. And this is what went through my head "#$*&! What did I do wrong?!"
So with ruined ingredients and a cookie swap in less then 24 hours I had to start over.
Onto cookie option number two the chocolate and salted caramel cookies. This recipe went much smoother. The chocolate dough was the consistency of fudge. 
And I used caramel candies for the center and then formed the dough around them and then rolled the chocolate and caramel balls in sea salt. 

This time the cookies at least formed correctly, I baked them up, and they look pretty good! 
 I only have 30, I'm about 20 shy of the half dozen I was supposed to have for everyone, but at least I have something edible... O how I love this time of year!

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