Monday, October 29, 2012

Illustration in Progress

I'm stuck inside today. Waiting out Hurricane Sandy (aka Frankenstorm) and working on illustrations for 2012 Holiday cards. And I have to say I'm having a lot of fun working on these new designs. I'm curled up in bed (yes, I know, still!?) and have a hot cup of coffee, my laptop, and my wacom tablet and to me there isn't a abetter way to spend a hurricane.

When I'm working out ideas I tend to line up all of my ideas, inspiration, and art boards in one Illustrator file and just keep working. Sometimes the changes are pretty minute but it helps me to fully work out a concept and find the best design possible.

Above are three ideas I'm working on for the holidays. What do you think? Would you send any of these cards this year?

For everyone on the East Coast stay safe and have a lovely day.



  1. Dad and I love the city scape.

  2. Haha that's good since it's for you! Later versions got better though, so I'll send those to you later today :-)