Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Picture A Day

Today is a very special A Picture A Day. It's the reveal of the final announcement first mentioned here!

There comes a point in a project where months of hard work and collaboration come to an end and you receive the final product. It's a bittersweet point for me because over the course of the project I have worked so hard and can't wait to see the final, but it's also a funny point because you get to know your client(s) and it's weird to be like "ok, here is your final product, bye!"

Below is an example of one of those projects. I have been working with a wonderful couple to create an announcement that tells their special story. The announcement literally unfolds and reveals pieces of the story until you get to the middle and find out they are married. They were the sweetest couple and this has been an awesome project so while I'm SO excited to show you the final today I'm also a little sad that the project is over.

What do you think? Will their friends and family love it!?

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